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Pest Controlling actions are necessary to destroy harmful insects
Pest Control Delhi Company is dependable for taking assistance of pest controlling actions. They are able to treat with demolishing steps on different types of pests. Various types of pests are destroyed with powerful pesticides in relevant methods according to their features. Some of them do harm to the residents where they occupy and inhabitant in an area. If anybody find insects and their races rapidly developed in their premises, taking help of the company is necessary.

Say goodbye to Pests and hello to a Pest free life!

What is Pest Control?
Pests are an irritating source that hampers people’s lives in all spheres. They are usually unnecessary and often dangerous. They not only cause harm by destroying crops or spreading infections and disease but also act as pathogens. Pathogens are insects or other biological agents that harbors dangerous viruses that causes harmful diseases. They themselves do no actually cause the diseases but merely acts as a medium for spreading it.

Pest Control basically refers to the control or management of a species defined as ‘pest’. Pests are often not only detrimental for human health but also harmful for the ecology and the economy. Pest thus can also be termed as organisms that cause nuisance and epidemic diseases. The generic term of ‘pesticide’ or ‘insecticide’ originated from pest control. 

Different forms of Pest Management

The management of Pests includes a variety of forms. People who are associated with the control of pests or their vocation s pest management are called Exterminators. These professionals are thorough in their methodology. They handle pests of all kind from termitemosquitoratscockroachants, etc. The different types of pest control are:

• Biological Pest Control: This system of pest management refers to the control of one through the control and management of natural predators and parasite. The most common example is, when mosquitoes are controlled often by putting a bacterium called Bt Bacilli’s in local water sources. This bacterium infects and ultimately kills mosquitoes.

• Mechanical Pest Control: This is the use of mechanical devices or means such as the use of simple equipment, natural ingredients, insecticides etc. to control pests. Natural ingredients are a fundamental measure of mechanical pest control. Weeds are often controlled by physically removing them from ground. This method is the most oldest from of weed control and is known as ‘tillage’. Natural ingredients form a protective barrier between the plants and insects that might cause harm to it.

South Delhi is the place to go!

Delhi is one of the most oldest and cosmopolitan cities of India. Not only is it the capital but it is a metropolitan city known for its diversity in different aspects of people, culture, and tradition, jobs etc. South Delhi is a place that is known for its amazing pest control services. The recent rise of pollution and unhealthy ways of disposing garbage in the city has caused an upsurge in the rise of pests. Thus came the setting up of a number of pest control services in this locality that offers immaculate and 24x7 help. Pest Control South Delhi is an effective insect control company that helps removes all the irritating animals from most homes of Delhi. They offer cheap and numerous quick remedies to destroy most pests. The lack of time to avail for commercially available products to kill pests has generated these growing number of pest control services in South Delhi. This is definitely one of the most lucrative businesses right now. Services range from exterminators arriving at houses after 10 minutes of calling the service centers up to giving 3 months’ worth of free pest control to loyal customers. The friendly attitude and customer friendly cheap services make the company one of most popular.

Pest Control Paschim Vihar branch is giving excellent performance with their reliable services. They maintain experienced professionals who are experts at pest controlling methods and actions. They can be contacted on phone, online query, or email and get immediate response. Knowing about the pests and the prevention actions helps a lot for avoiding health and financial problems.

More Information About Paschim Vihar Delhi.

Paschim Vihar is a quite prosperous residential area in Delhi, India. It falls under the Punjabi Bagh zone of West Delhi. It mostly comprises of several apartments and complexes together forming housing group, built privately or by the Delhi Development Authority. The eastside is comparatively older and well planned as per the westside of Paschim Vihar.

Mostly a crowd of the population consists of punjabis where as some nearby villages consists of muslim inhabitants. A lot of Sikhs and Bengalis live on both the parts of Paschim Vihar. Colonies started developing from the earlys of 1980s. It is developed on the agricultural lands of Jwala Heri Village and Khyala Village.

Lifestyle and Transportation
The road facilities of the east and west Paschim Vihar is well connected by roadways and railways. The northern edges have Rohtak Roads which is popularly known as “NH10” have a well developed residential locality.

This area has private and public secondary schools. One or two very prestigious colleges are located in this place. It has a lot of greenery with small and large trees planted all throughout the area. The western side has fascinating National Markets including retail, wholesale and showrooms of different commodities. There is one multi-speciality hospital along with super speciality clinics scattered all over the area. It has a very famous Cricket Academy which has produced many talented cricketers who are now a part of our National Team. Paschim Vihar Delhi has a very high number if exotic hotels in the category ranging from 3-stars to 5-stars to entertain the tourists.

Pest Control Delhi Price,Charges & Rates List 2022-2023 of Paschim Vihar Delhi.

General Pest Termite Control Cockroach Control
1100 Rs For 1 BHK 5000 Rs For 1 BHK 1000 Rs For 1 BHK
1200 Rs For 2 BHK 6000 Rs For 2 BHK 1100 Rs For 2 BHK
1500 Rs For 3 BHK 7000 Rs For 3 BHK 1300 Rs For 3 BHK
1600 Rs For 4 BHK 8000 Rs For 4 BHK 1400 Rs For 4 BHK
2000 Rs For 5 BHK 9000 Rs For 5 BHK 1600 Rs For 5 BHK
10,000 - 15,000 Rs For Villa 15,000 - 20,000 Rs For Villa 10,000 - 15,000 Rs For Villa
Bed Bugs Control Rats & Rodent Control Ants Control
1500 Rs For 1 BHK 800 Rs For 1 BHK 800 Rs For 1 BHK
2200 Rs For 2 BHK 900 Rs For 2 BHK 900 Rs For 2 BHK
3000 Rs For 3 BHK 1000 Rs For 3 BHK 1000 Rs For 3 BHK
3500 Rs For 4 BHK 1200 Rs For 4 BHK 1200 Rs For 4 BHK
5000 Rs For 5 BHK 1500 Rs For 5 BHK 1400 Rs For 5 BHK
6,000 - 9,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa
Lizard Control Ticks Control Mosquitoes Control
800 Rs For 1 BHK 800 Rs For 1 BHK 1800 Rs For 1 BHK
1200 Rs For 2 BHK 900 Rs For 2 BHK 2000 Rs For 2 BHK
1500 Rs For 3 BHK 1200 Rs For 3 BHK 2500 Rs For 3 BHK
2000 Rs For 4 BHK 1400 Rs For 4 BHK 2800 Rs For 4 BHK
2500 Rs For 5 BHK 1800 Rs For 5 BHK 3000 Rs For 5 BHK
5,000 - 8,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa
Bees Control Silverfish Control Bird Netting
1000 Rs For 1 BHK 800 Rs For 1 BHK 1000 Rs For 1 BHK
1300 Rs For 2 BHK 1100 Rs For 2 BHK 2000 Rs For 2 BHK
1500 Rs For 3 BHK 1400 Rs For 3 BHK 3000 Rs For 3 BHK
2000 Rs For 4 BHK 1600 Rs For 4 BHK 4000 Rs For 4 BHK
2200 Rs For 5 BHK 2000 Rs For 5 BHK 5000 Rs For 5 BHK
5,000 - 8,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa 5,000 - 10,000 Rs For Villa
  • All Charges Exclusive of GST Charges 18%
  • All Charges are Estimated Price may be differ depending upon Area and Requirement.
  • Rates of pest control services for any types of charges may vary depending upon a lot of factors.
  • Commercial pest control charges will be Rs. 1/Sq. Ft onward.
  • So Please Call Us For Free Inspection so that We will give You Final Charge.
  • The final best and affordable price will be given only after home inspection.

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